How to rename files to odd or even numbers and also customize the starting number?

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#1 : 13/10-11 10:37
Charoen Sanpawa
Charoen Sanpawa
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I would like to rename one set of files to "page_01.txt", "page_03.txt", "page_05.txt", ...

and another set of files to "page_02.txt", "page_04.txt", "page_06.txt", ...

Can this be set up in the renaming method? Also, can the starting number be modified (rather than 1)?

Thanks in advance.

13/10-11 10:37
#2 : 15/10-11 11:53
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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This can be difficult for me to answer without knowing more about the origin of the files. Are they located in separate folders? If yes, you can to it with two batches.
First add the files that should have the odd numbers.
Add the New Name method and use this pattern: <Inc Nr:1:2>.<Ext>
Verify names and start the batch.
Do the same with the even files, but use this pattern instead: <Inc Nr:2:2>.<Ext>

The first parameter of the Inc Nr tag is the start number and the second is the stepping. That means that <Inc Nr:2:2> will produce numbers like this: 2, 4, 6, 8.

Read more about the IncNr pattern here: hp?ident=tags_default

15/10-11 11:53
#3 : 11/03-13 01:32
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Thank you, that was just what I was looking for.

11/03-13 01:32 - edited 11/03-13 01:41
#4 : 31/12-16 22:33
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I also found it useful to place a negative sign to count down as so: <Inc Nr:200:-2>
This will give you files like this: 200, 198, 196, 194, etc.

Thanks Kim, you created a wonderful tool.

31/12-16 22:33
#5 : 11/01-17 18:29
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Is it possible to have the program move files into multiple sub directories like this?


Im close to what I want it to do with puting this in the output folder bar

C:\Batch production\20170109_IMI_RT\<Inc NrDir:1>\<word:1>

but its not quite right because its making each of those numbered directories on the second level and then making a new (US3DF1529817) folder for each item i'm having moved(3) instead of putting them all in the same folder

ahh K

11/01-17 18:29