How can I replace all special characters in files?`

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#1 : 22/10-12 09:15
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Hello all,

I came across this software when reading an article in a different forum about replacing all special characters in files.

The writer posted a screenshot of AdvancedRenamer with various special characters in the renaming list but after installing the software I wonder if there are presets like that or if I have to come up with all of this on my own?

The screenshot I am refering to can be found here:

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22/10-12 09:15
#2 : 24/10-12 00:12
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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There are no turn key solution for removing special characters. The big question is, what is a special character? What might seem like a special character for some people is not a special character for others. You can try to use the included preset called Weboptimized Filenames and add additional steps if needed.

24/10-12 00:12