How do i do this or suggestion: Reverse Order Renaming (ie: instead of say 001-001 thru 001-255 changes filenames to 001-255 thr

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#1 : 24/10-12 10:54
steve matrai
steve matrai
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First.. if this program does do this already, I would love to know how..

what im looking for is for either help on how to do this or if it can't be done yet then hopefully it's capability be added with the next update ....
(Reverse Order Renaming.. ie: instead of say 001-001 thru 001-255 changes filenames to 001-255 thru 001-001)..

if it doesn't, in fact, do it yet, maybe this could be done...
adding a supporting string under the "new name" tab, say,.. 001-<Dec Nr:255>.jpg
which would leave the 001- & the extension alone for the photos imported yet decrement the rest of the filenames from 255 to 001.
I tried modifying the Inc Nr:001 string to Dec Nr:255, but i did nothing so i imagine while it supports inc for increment, it doesn't currently support dec for decrement.

[A little on just what happened and why this would be useful]
I had an app in my android phone that managed many of my videos and photos that somehow got corrupted, it just simply lost where the files were.

I was able to somehow recover all of them but now they're all backwards.. this is like 200 files in backward numbering order.

This is the best file renamer i've seen.. for freeware, one cant go wrong... but i don't see reverse renaming. Would be nice if I can..
1) get help if I can reverse the names and/or..
2) if it is not supported, that it can be added, hopefully, on the next update.

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#2 : 24/10-12 12:26
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
What you should do is reverse the order of the files in the list. By clicking the Filename column you can change sort by this column. Clicking the column again will sort them in reverse order. Using the IncNr tag when sorting the list in reverse order will have the same effect as a DecNr tag.

24/10-12 12:26