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#1 : 05/11-12 17:19
Steve Buck
Steve Buck
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I have a batch method that I am initiating with a batch program using the automated feature of Advanced Renamer. I am running AR version 3.21 on a Windows Server 2000 machine. Everything has been running successfully for nine months. Recently, and intermittently, I've been getting some unexpected results.

The new name in the batch method is; 011_POA_<Name>.txt

Intermittently the new files are coming through as;

Sometimes the repeating prefix of the new name is so long that Windows cannot delete the file.

Any thoughts on what is causing this?

05/11-12 17:19
#2 : 05/11-12 19:56
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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It sounds like you are renaming the files several times. Are you renaming the files by some kind of automatic trigger?

05/11-12 19:56
#3 : 05/11-12 22:10
Steve Buck
Steve Buck
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Yes, I'm using this command line to rename files;
arenc -e ABP_ORD_ACK.aren -p "C:\EDI_FTP\client name\ToABP\Order_ACK"

05/11-12 22:10
#4 : 06/11-12 12:54
Steve Buck
Steve Buck
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You can disregard this issue. AR is functioning correctly. As you suspected the files are getting renamed multiple times.

After renaming files I send these files to my client via SFTP. Both the renaming process and the SFTP process are set to run automatically on the scheduled basis. My client who receives the renamed files, and the server running AR, are located on the east coast of the US that was recently hit by Hurricane Sandy. When internet service goes down and the renamed files are not sent, they are renamed again and again until an internet connection is made with my client.

Obviously, I need to reconfigure my internal processes. Sorry for the "fire drill".

06/11-12 12:54
#5 : 18/08-16 23:04
frans daniel
frans daniel
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Long path error!
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18/08-16 23:04