Renaming files from files in a different folder?

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I have a lot of video files in a series that I've downloaded (514 so far), and they are all named based on the title of the video. I recently found another set of the same videos that uses hi10 encoding and is about ONE THIRD the size of what I had. So to save roughly 100GB, I decided to download that series instead. The only problem is, they aren't titled appropriately. I have both versions right now, and I'm going to delete the old version just as soon as I get this figured out.

I'm just wondering, can I batch automate the renaming of files from one folder with the names of files in another folder, without the extensions (new files are mkv, old are avi)? Or should I just stop being so anal? ;P

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Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Try to do something like this:

Load the OLD files into the list.
Clear the method list.
Add the List method.
Set the Apply To drop down to Name.
Click the Populate List button. This should load the file names from the file list into the textbox.
Remove the files from the file list and add the new files.
Verify new names and click Start.

This assumes the new files and the old files are in the same order. If this is not the case you will need to move the new files up or down in the list manually.

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