Import Airdate and set file ceation date to airdate

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#1 : 29/07-19 03:08
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I have a large number of files that have lost their original creation date.
Is there anyway to get Advanced Renamer to pull the air date from the TVmaze or the .nfo files and set the file created date to that?

29/07-19 03:08
#2 : 29/07-19 16:50
David Lee
David Lee
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I don't believe that you can import dates directly into file timestamps.

However as a workaround you can use "Import -> TV show..." and "TV show" tags to add the date to the filename (with a suitable separator).

Then, in a second pass, use the Timestamp method to reset the "Created date and time" from "Filename pattern" and the "Remove" method to delete the added dates.

29/07-19 16:50