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#1 : 29/07-19 22:41
John Stoppelenburg
John Stoppelenburg
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if i use the <GPS City> tag, it places the neighborhood instead of the city.
is there an other way??

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#2 : 29/07-19 23:31
David Lee
David Lee
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The <GPS City> tag uses an on-line geoserver to identify the nearest "city". Unfortunately the definition of "city" appears to include all places with a population greater than 1000! This appears to be a problem common to a lot of US mapping software (including Garmin products).

There will be another way if your camera has built-in mapping that writes the nearest city to Exif data. For example jpeg files from my Lumix include a city tag that is more realistic in its definition of a city and would probably give you what you wish.

Try exploring the Exif tags in your files using the ExifTool button in ARen. In my case the tag I would need is <ExifTool:City>

If that doesn't work then you would probably need to use a suitable "reverse geocoding" tool to generate a table of locations that you can input into ARen (using Import -> data from CSV...). Try a Google search to identify available free online and downloadable tools.

29/07-19 23:31