Rename while keeping certain characters in place?

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#1 : 31/07-19 20:14
Edward Eade II
Edward Eade II
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What regular expression would i use to rename certain parts of a string while keeping other parts of a string the same

Example Originals:
Advanced Theory Session01Class01 Intro
Advanced Theory Session02Class02 What have we learned

Example final name desired

Advanced Theory - session01class01 - Intro
Advanced Theory - session02class02 - What have we learned

Basically I want to translate the boolean match??match?? to replacement??replacement?? into a regular expression


So far what I have is

Find Session(.*)Class(.*)
Replace session\1class\2 -
Which gets me everything except the 2nd " - " it ends up being placed before the last word for example
Advanced Theory - session02class02 What have we - learned

31/07-19 20:14 - edited 31/07-19 20:38
#2 : 01/08-19 09:48
David Lee
David Lee
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You have three issues here...

1) Your replace string does not add the first hyphen.

2) (.*) matches as many characters as it can - so the second instance should match all remaining characters in the filename and your second hyphen should be placed at the end of the filename.

3) You must accidentally have added a space to the end of your "Find" string so that the second (.*) will terminate before the final space - ie before the final word.

Find: Session(.*)Class(..) will work, but only when the class number is exactly two characters long.

Find: Session(\d*)Class(\d*) will be better.

01/08-19 09:48
#3 : 01/08-19 18:53
Edward Eade II
Edward Eade II
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Reply to #2:
That did it, thanks

01/08-19 18:53