Move and rename files according to existing files.

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#1 : 14/11-12 09:01
Jolly Old
Jolly Old
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I have lots of digital comics, and I'm getting tired of renaming them and organizing them manually. I have a number of folders organized according to name and volume and when I get new comics, I'd like to drop them in the folder without having to worry about renaming them. Would there be a way to automate this? For example I have a folder Action Comics with issues 1-10, named Action Comics v2 01, etc... When I get issue 11, I'd like to have it renamed accordingly. Any hope? Ideally I would want the parameters set by the preexisting files, since I have too many folders to set them manually. Even more ideally (and I know I would need additional software for this), I would like to have an explorer type window which would let me just drag & drop and have the file rename itself according to the pre-existing files in the folder I am dragging it to. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


14/11-12 09:01