bug or feature missing on CR2 files?

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#1 : 10/08-19 09:30
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I tried your software which seems very promising. However, though I could modify the file timestamp of JPG pictures to use the date taken from exif, it seems it doesn't work for CR2 files.
If I select a CR2 file and click exiftool, then I can view the datetakenoriginal date (which is correct). But then if I apply the Timestamp method, I can't find any option to use that exif field: even the option "image date and time" does not work on CR2, though it seems working on JPG.
And I couldn't find a way to instruct your software to use the tag from exiftool (if I understood properly documentation, I could use that exiftool tag in the Rename method, but not in the timestamps method.
(note: I'm not trying to modify the exiftool metadata, I only try to align the file timestamps on the exif metadat).

Am I misunderstanding how to use it or could it be an issue on the software ?


10/08-19 09:30