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#1 : 23/08-19 02:59
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thanks for a great piece of utility software

a suggestion

I have only just started using renamer but I know already that there is one small 24 file renaming job i will use it for every week, and another bigger batch probably several times a month.

having saved the method settings within renamer, it would be great if i could choose to have that operation available via the right click context menu. select those 24 files in windows explorer, right click and run the renaming batch without launching the renamer interface.

i know that the batch would not have the same protection as using renamer in terms of seeing conflicts and errors, but i am sure people like me will be happy to use a shortcut on a 'on your head be it' basis.

given that so many small utilities seem to add themselves to the right click contact menu (often annoyingly and inappropriately), i hope it might not be too great a technical challenge, so hope you think it a good idea.

i expect all those who use renamer to perform regular repeating tasks would find it useful.

thanks again

23/08-19 02:59
#2 : 23/08-19 11:44
David Lee
David Lee
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ARen includes a Command Line Automation Tool - arenc.exe - that allows you to run renaming batches from a batch file. See www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/commandline
There is also a Command Line Configuration utility within ARen ("Command line configuration..." on the "Program" menu) that assists in the creation of batch files.

You can add any batch file to the Windows Explorer context menu with a simple registry edit. See https://superuser.com/questions/444726/windows-h ow-to-add-batch-script-action-to-right-c lick-menu

23/08-19 11:44
#3 : 28/08-19 14:13
Milly Jons
Milly Jons
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28/08-19 14:13