Replace a decimal in a FOLDER name with a underscore

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#1 : 23/08-19 22:27
George Mercier
George Mercier
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Hello everyone I'm trying to figure how to replace a decimal in a folder name and it's giving me fits. Here are a couple of examples:

Current Folder or Sub-folder name: 1019-15.01
Target Folder or Sub-folder name: 1019-15_01

Current Folder or Sub-folder name: 1019-15.02 12x6 10x6
Target Folder or Sub-folder name: 1019-15_02 12x6 10x6

Seems simple enough, but I keep getting an ErrorCode 115 , Extension changed

My setup was to use Replace . With _
Apply to Name and extension

Thanks for any help,

23/08-19 22:27 - edited 23/08-19 22:38
#2 : 26/08-19 14:34
David Lee
David Lee
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I can't replicate your issue either with ARen 3.84 under XP Pro or ARen 3.85 under Win 7 Pro 64bit.
If you are using an earlier version of ARen then try updating. Otherwise, if you are running a more recent version of Windows, it could well be an OS issue.

Folders do not have extensions and selecting Apply to: Name, Extension or both has no effect on my systems. However try applying to Name only - just in case it my have an effect in your case. .

26/08-19 14:34
#3 : 01/09-19 14:13
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Reply to #1:

I could not replicate this issue either.

One thing I can think of is if these folders you are trying to rename are in use by the OS (although this does not explain the specific error 115 re. extension). Either you have a folder open in Explorer (assuming you're on Windows OS), or some other application is open that is using these folders.

Shut down all other apps that may be using the folder(s) and try renaming them after. Also, change Apply To to "Name" only.

01/09-19 14:13