Removing Erroneous Characters pre renaming files.

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#1 : 27/08-19 03:29
Greg Magarry
Greg Magarry
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Hi, Can you please explain the correct steps in Removing Erroneous Characters ( #, >, & etc.) from the new file name list, before renaming files.
The .CSV files that I am using to rename various .tif files have a lot of these characters in the new file names that I would like to use.

File Name New File Name
"c:\tec1\gc-p-01-l.tif","Allcott R E # > & 131167"

Would like to remove # > & from the new filename, so when I run the Batch the new file name will be without these characters but will have a .tif extension.

Many thanks, Greg

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#2 : 01/09-19 14:07
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Reply to #1:

Short answer: RTFM

Long answer: Use the replace method as under

Text To Be Replaced : all erroneous chars separated by /
Replace with : Blank

That should do it.

01/09-19 14:07