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#1 : 27/08-19 15:44
Kevin Earley
Kevin Earley
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Hi All

I am new to Advanced Renamer and I have a specific file re-naming task that I am hoping Advanced Renamer can carry out.

We work with various retail companies dealing with their rental properties for which we receive a large number of files named as an example:-

685 Inv D978161
A783 Inv 126/150200

A where the first three digits or four digits are a specific property reference number, unique to each client and the Inv following is the invoice number.

I would like to know whether Advanced Renamer would be able to examine files in a directory and from the first 3/4 digits be able to look at a CSV file and insert the store name in the filename:-

For example:-

Using the above original file 685 Inv D978161 and the following CSV file entries Advanced Renamer would re-name the file as 685 Didcot Inv D978161

685, Didcot
471, Gosport
589, Liverpool Speke

I hope I have explained that well enough.

Obviously I wouldn't expect Advanced Reatiler to know which CSV to use for which client, but the above scenario only applies to a small number of clients, but with a high volume of documents.

Many thanks for any assistance

Kevin aka Scribe

27/08-19 15:44
#2 : 06/09-19 19:32
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I think you can do this with MS Excel. I have never done this myself, but I know that Excel is very useful for such tasks. Maybe ask this question in an Excel forum, like Microsoft's Technet forums.

06/09-19 19:32
#3 : 12/09-19 12:15
David Lee
David Lee
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If, as you said, you only have a small number of clients then the "List replace" method may be appropriate...

Replace "685" with "685 Didcot", "471" with "471 Gosport" and "589" with "589 Liverpool Speke" etc

Unfortunately there is no way of importing data into the List replace method so if you have an unmanageably large number of replacements you will need a more complex method. For a workaround using the Script method see my comment at

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