Where do the image tags get their data from? I am getting this weird issue.

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#1 : 01/09-19 11:20
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I am using the following method to append image resolution to a bunch of folder names.

Text to be Replaced : (.*)

Replace With : \1 <Img Width>x<Img Height>px

Use Regular Expressions : Ticked

The way I understand it, the resolution is got from the first image file in the folder. What is happening is, when I cross-checked some of the renamed folders with the resolution of the first image of the folder, there is a weird issue that creeps up.

The later folders also have the same resolution as the initial folders post-renaming even tho they have a diff actual resolution. So this gets me thinking, is it getting its image-res info from somewhere I don't know about. Windows explorer and File Properties both show the correct res, but the res is shown differently in ARen.

I hope I explained the issue.

Edit: I loaded just a small batch of the later folders to see if performing the operation in small batches solves this, but even though the resolution of the first image file within the folder is 8000px, ARen still shows it as 8934px. which is weird. And this difference is consistent. All folders with 8000px images are renamed to 8934px. I don't know where it is getting its value from.

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#2 : 05/09-19 15:13
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bump :(

Maybe a dev can help.

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