To the Devs: Are there any conditions for applying TimeStamp Method on folders?

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#1 : 05/09-19 15:09
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I have faced this issue for a while now, and recently a part of it was fixed in the recent update, so I am bringing up this topic again as a constructive feedback, and a sincere query.

System: Windows 10 1903 with latest updates, 8GB RAM, intel Core i5 8th Gen processor, 1TB HDD, running the latest version of ARen.

I face this issue where, if I try and change the Created Date attribute of a group of folders using the TimeStamp Method, it always fails with the error "(101) Undefined Error".

Image below illustrates the method I am using and the error I get when I run the batch.

Recently, by chance, I discovered that if I cut-paste the folders into this particular subfolder, then the batch runs successfully. But otherwise, I always get this error. So currently, if I need to change Created Date attributes of folders I work with (which is often), I have to paste them into this particular subfolder and then run it, then paste them back into their original folder.

I wanna know why this is happening. Are there any conditions one needs to obey when changing the Created Date attributes of folders?

P.S.: The error that was fixed was the memory exception I was getting after the batch failed, and crashed the app. That doesn't happen in the latest ARen version anymore.

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