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#1 : 13/10-19 00:25
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I know the developer isn't comfortable with this implementation but for me it would be a highly welcomed and needed feature. I've been wanting this to be a feature for years now and im not scared of of it because it is common practice for me to make backups of all my files before i mass rename them anyway which i imagine the majority of us do.

Currently, my issue is organizing my massive font collection; most of which i am discovering are the same exact font but named differently. I have been trying to use AR to rename the font by its given font name (via Exif Data) in mass, But since a vast majority of the fonts are repeats, I simply cannot rename them. I have to individually find the duplicates and delete them before progressing.

Also, I have a BACKUP of all these fonts. I know the developer doesn't want to implement something that "cannot be reverted" but the fact of the matter is that it can. A simple "hey backup your stuff" warning for the people that, for whatever reason, have not already made the precaution seems reasonable enough.

13/10-19 00:25
#2 : 17/10-19 11:03
David Lee
David Lee
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This is rather a pointless rant since, as you say, Kim has already made it clear that he is not happy to add this functionality!

However it is perfectly easy to carry out what you wish using ARen as it stands...

Just rename all your font files using their EXIF fontname using a suitable collision rule and separator - for example "Append number" with separator "#dup".

Then it is a simple matter to delete the duplicates:

The simplest way is to open a command window in the font folder and type "del *#dup*". (Note that files deleted in this way will by-pass the recycle bin).

Otherwise load the font folder into ARen using the mask "*#dup*" and use the "Move" batch mode to move all the duplicates to a new folder, which you can delete from Windows Explorer.

17/10-19 11:03