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#1 : 14/10-19 07:55
Denver J Weigel
Denver J Weigel
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I have the exact same problem as Tim, who has written a couple posts requesting help.
My message is nearly a duplcate of Tim's. Message box text is transcribed below:

"Application Error:
Exception EAccessViolation in module ARen.exe at 0000B94F.
Access violation at address 0040B94F in Module 'ARen.exe'.
Read of address 00000035."

A previous version (being used as free version) worked fine. Purchased new version for $20 and it won't work. Now I don't have a file renamer.

Please respond with a solution.


14/10-19 07:55
#2 : 17/10-19 10:59
Ahmed helal
Ahmed helal
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Reply to #1:
try an older portable version
i went 4 the end of list available on website
" advanced_renamer_portable_3_76 "
and it worked just fine

17/10-19 10:59