I'm missing something, but I don't know what.

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#1 : 14/10-19 19:17
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I'm trying to use the Import from TVMaze to rename a complete series of TV shows. I've looked at the user guide and as far as I can tell I have followed it's steps, but it's not renaming the shows.

I have all the files in the Advanced Renamer, I click "Import" and then "TV Show …". Do a search for the show, in this case 'Castle (2009)'. Select all seasons and episodes. It shows 173 selected and 173 files.

I click "OK" and … then … nothing. Nothing gets renamed.

What am I missing?

14/10-19 19:17
#2 : 31/03-20 16:23
Sami Marjeta
Sami Marjeta
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Bringing up old thread, but I have exactly same issue. Baffled "what now"... Guide talks about tags to episodes, but doesn't mention how to rename according to tags.

I have entire series recorded on my Enigma2 box. It has the .ts files for video and additional files with same name. 1 episode is totally 6 files. So when I look up the series, it shows tags with certain files, but I don't know how to rename them (sXeY pattern).

31/03-20 16:23
#3 : 01/04-20 00:05
David Lee
David Lee
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I've never tried to use this feature before but the guide seems to be perfectly explicit!

Make sure that your files are in the correct order in the list and then select and import the episodes that you want to work with. Once you have imported them you simply use the "TV Show" tags in exactly the same way as any other tag, in whichever renaming method you prefer - as explained in the User Guide.

01/04-20 00:05
#4 : 02/04-20 18:48
Sami Marjeta
Sami Marjeta
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Finally understood.
I had not used the tags feature before, that's why the confusion.
Renamer can tag only 2/6 Enigma2 files. Much better than nothing. But there could be a feature to rename all file pairs if any of them have tags.

02/04-20 18:48