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#1 : 24/11-12 19:29
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What I need:
I have a problem with finding the photos while searching with windows search engine during my valuations.
I am working by excel, the properties are given by rows and each of them has its code. The photos of those properties are named in different ways (but in equal length of letters) and the last four digit is the code given in the excel column.
So from thousands of photos it is very difficult for me to find the one that the last four letters correspond to the code seen in the excel. When I am using windows search it works by finding files that are beginning whit the searching letters.

One of the solution that I consider:
I need to rename all the photos just adding backspace before the 4th digit of all photos counting from the tail.

Is it possible to accomplish by AdvancedRenamer?


24/11-12 19:29
#2 : 26/11-12 20:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I am sorry. What do you mean by adding a backspace? The backspace keyboard key usually deletes one character.

26/11-12 20:08