Change date modified based on filename pattern not working

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#1 : 02/11-19 13:29
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I have a load of .m4a files that have the wrong date modified value.

The files have the date at the start of the file name in the format <Day>.<Month>.<Year> <Hour>;<Min> (then the file name).

E.g. "1.10.19 11;25 recording".

I was attempting to change the date modified using the "Filename pattern" option, following this guide: d_timestamp

I typed <Day>.<Month>.<Year> <Hour>;<Min> into the "Pattern:" box and pressed start batch. It completed with no errors. I went and checked the new date modified value and they have all been set to 1/1/1601 01:47:22. I can't get it to work properly. Am I missing something? I even did a test run on a .png and a .jpeg file with the same name structure and it did exactly the same thing.


02/11-19 13:29
#2 : 02/11-19 15:40
David Lee
David Lee
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It isn't made obvious in the User Guide, but the <Year> tag cannot cope with 2-digit format. Hence you are asking ARen to set the date to "01/10/0019", which is not supported by Windows (earliest supported date is 1/1/1980.

You will need to add 2000 to your YEAR fields before changing the file dates:

Renumber Method...
Number position: 3
Change to: Relative to existing number
Number difference: 2000

You must rename the files in a separate pass since the Timestamp method will use the ORIGINAL Filename pattern and not the output of any previous method in the same batch.

02/11-19 15:40