use Advanced Renamer to preserve create date when converting video formats

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#1 : 11/11-19 02:01
Mark Nosek
Mark Nosek
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I have hundreds of videos I want to convert to mp4 format. However, I can't lose their creation dates! I have been searching the internet for a way do this. It doesn't seem any video converter has this option inherent in the program. I saw some post that recommended Advanced Renamer to fix/preserve the creation date after/during conversion. But I can't figure out how. Anyone? Please.

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#2 : 11/11-19 10:25
David Lee
David Lee
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Before converting your videos append the creation dates to the filenames using Date/Time Created Tags: <Year Created><Month Created><Day Created><Hour Created><Min Created><Sec Created>

After creation of the mp4 files, reset the Created dates and times using the Timestamp method with the Filename pattern: <Year><Month><Day><Hour><Min><Sec>

At the same time you can remove the unwanted date/time strings from the filenames.

See for detailed help.

11/11-19 10:25