Date handle bug in 3.85 version?

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#1 : 13/11-19 18:53
Kiszely András
Kiszely András
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Hi, i use the AR with satisfaction, but the last version may have a bug:

I use the command line version under win10, run more methods by batch file.
The problem: I rename a lot of files by this method:
application=Advanced Renamer 3.84


method0000=methodname:"newname"; methoddescription:"jpg_rename"; active:"1"; mask:"<ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>_<Img CameraModel>_<Name>"; tagpage:"2"; applyto:"name";

The file has exif in datetimeoriginal: 2019:07:15 09:12:20, the result is: 2019_07_15 09_12_20_PENTAX K10D_IMGP0435.JPG

But i found this file on another drive and i would like to sync with my master drive, i run again the methods with AR 3.85.
I'm totally sure about the files, the input is the SAME file, but the output is this:
2019_07_15 09_06_04_PENTAX K10D_IMGP0435.JPG

the undolist is this:
datetime=2019. 11. 13. 17:08:36
Version=Advanced Renamer 3.85

file000005=g:\117_0715pentax\IMGP0435.JPG|g:\117_0715pentax\2019_07_15 09_06_04_PENTAX K10D_IMGP0435.JPG

The run had 200 files, all got wrong name.
How is it possible?

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#2 : 13/11-19 21:23
Kiszely András
Kiszely András
Posts: 3
Reply to #1:
It is a next js error, i got this:
Error: Access violation at address 6DD9F811 in module 'js32.dll'. Read of address 0308F004

if i dont use the scripting, ar works fine. :(

13/11-19 21:23
#3 : 24/04-20 12:09
Gloria Field
Gloria Field
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Thank you so much

24/04-20 12:09