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#1 : 27/11-19 11:50
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This is my first time using advanced renamer so I need some help!!

My files (photos) are not fully sequential (taken from Excel workbooks where some pages had photos and some didn't.

Sheet1_Picture 1.JPEG
Sheet5_Picture 1.JPEG
Sheet5_Picture 2.JPEG
Sheet 6_Picture 1.JPEG

etc down to Sheet 93. Some sheets have up to 5 photos

I need them to be renamed as such: (Where Sheet 1 is 101815)


Is there a way of doing this please?

27/11-19 11:50
#2 : 27/11-19 17:09
David Lee
David Lee
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You can do this in two steps: first renumber "Sheet" by adding 101814, then remove the text.

1. Add a "Renumber method"...
Number position: 1
Change to: Relative to existing number
Number difference: 101814

2. Add a "Remove pattern" method to the same batch...
Pattern: Sheet ?|Picture
Use regular expressions: √

Step 2 assumes that the space in "Sheet 6" was intentional
If it was a mistake and the Sheet numbers never contain spaces then all you need is...
Pattern: Sheet|Picture
without selecting "Use regular expressions"

27/11-19 17:09 - edited 27/11-19 17:54