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#1 : 14/12-19 13:56
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Hello everyone,
Is there a way to use Advanced Renamer to rename all my word file as the Title in inside each file ?
if there is a way i really need it urgently.
Thank you.

14/12-19 13:56
#2 : 14/12-19 17:01
David Lee
David Lee
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I'm assuming that by "Title" you mean the Title added in File Info rather than simply the title at the beginning of the document.

If so then simply use the ExifTool tag: <ExifTool:Title>

In some (earlier) versions of Word the document title DOES default to the first line of the text but in others it has to be set manually in the File Info tab of Word.
If the title is blank then the <ExifTool:Title> tag does not appear in the ExifTool list within Advanced Renamer.

14/12-19 17:01 - edited 16/12-19 11:52