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Thanks for the program.

I miss an option for add serial number only for duplicates files, I think it will be very useful.

I've read your answer:

"Reply to #1:
Yes, there is a way. In the settings dialog there is an option called Name Collision Rule. This option controls how Advanced Renamer should handle files with the same new name. Change it from fail to append incrementing number and you will experience the behavior you seek. hp?ident=settings
But I don't find this option in the program.

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Hi and welcome.

Please take a look into the help

>> collision_rules

Maybe you have to close the "Folder Panel" to see the "Name Collision Rule" box?

- - -

Also the change log is always and great source of help:
>> en3.txt

Advanced Renamer 3.10 - 8. july. 2011
* Name collision rule: Moved from settings window to main window



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