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#1 : 29/12-19 21:33
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I want to rename many folders.

The new names shall have:
1) parts of the old name
2) runnig numbers
3) New names from a list, loaded into Advanced Renamer

Request 3) ist easy to manage for me. But I am not able to combine my 3 requests.

How can I combine my different requests?

29/12-19 21:33
#2 : 31/12-19 20:11
David Lee
David Lee
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Load your new names from a List first.
Then use a Script to retrieve the original folder names - as

If you are familiar with scripting then you can carry out the rest of your renaming using JavaScript.

Otherwise use the simple script:

return item.newName + "?" +;

to append the original name to the name from the List - with a suitable separator character (I've used "?" here, since this can never appear in a Windows file/folder name).

You can then use normal methods to add-to and rearrange the folder name as required.

31/12-19 20:11 - edited 31/12-19 20:12