RAF not identified as Image-File?

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#1 : 10/01-20 21:52
Julian Kallidat
Julian Kallidat
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I have setup to move the Files to diffrent Folders ordered by date.
But AR seems to not recognize RAF Files as Image Files. At least the <IMG tags don't work...

Any suggestion?


10/01-20 21:52
#2 : 10/01-20 22:40
David Lee
David Lee
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You will need to use ExifTool tags.

eg <ExifTool:CreateDate>

You can use a simple script to set the destination folder for each file.

For example: To move files to subfolders of the original directory named as the 4-digit creation years, try the script:

date = app.parseTags("<ExifTool:CreateDate>");
item.newPath = item.path + date.match(/^\d{4}/);

(You don't need a Return statement unless you wish to rename the files within the same Script method).

10/01-20 22:40 - edited 10/01-20 22:41