Move files to unique folder named with a part of the files.

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#1 : 15/01-20 16:07
marc charton
marc charton
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hi ! (sorry for the unclear title ^^)
ok so, i want to create a folder for a list of tracks an create the album folder.
The name of the folder is based on tracks names.
I use the batch mode "move".
Check the following example below ;)

I have :
"Darondo - Let My People Go - 01 Let My People Go.flac"
I want to move it to :
Darondo - Let My People Go/

1- I tried to create a folder based on the file's name but i can't find a way to do it with regex to get "Darondo" and "Let My People Go" or even just "Darondo - Let My People Go"

2- I tried to get it from the file tag but id3 are not found with flac files. :'(

Ideally, I would like to add the year of the album as a prefix.
EXAMPLE : Folder name = "2005 - Darondo - Let My People Go"

thank youu :) <3

15/01-20 16:07
#2 : 15/01-20 18:44
David Lee
David Lee
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Output folder: <Substr:1:"-">-<Substr:"-":"-">
will do what you want.

You haven't specified where the date will come from but if it is from the file date then something like: <Year Modified> - <Substr:1:"-">-<Substr:"-":"-">

15/01-20 18:44 - edited 15/01-20 18:54
#3 : 22/01-20 11:46
marc charton
marc charton
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Reply to #2:

Oh thank you for your quick answer (I hadn't seen it)
Ok so yes it's perfect, I actually didn't try with substr... :/

The year is the album year, stored in file.
So if I can't acces to metadata in flac files I think it's maybe not possible. :'(

Do you know if it's possible to access flac files metadata ? and if it's not, why ?
thank you :)

22/01-20 11:46