Replace periods until i get to Dates 2020.02.11?

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#1 : 11/02-20 14:33
Damien Lee Benoit
Damien Lee Benoit
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I have lots and LOTS of tv shows and all of them have a period between each word in the titles and also the subtitles (for late night episodes - the guest of the episode) and after that there is mostly Season # then episode # or it would be air date, mostly trying to figure out how to quickly get around the air date which is normally separated like 2020.02.11
Typical file structure:

I really would like that get them all to be

Lights Out With David Spade - 02-06.mkg

Is there a way to replace all periods until it finds a date area and then change peirod point to - or something else. not sure what id rather, i just want to get past the replace all periods to a space until it gets to the numbers part. Possible?

11/02-20 14:33
#2 : 11/02-20 17:56
David Lee
David Lee
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Try using a List replace method with 3 entries:

1) Replace "\d\K\." with: "-"
2) Replace "\." with: space
3) Replace " (?=\d)" with: " - "

Use regular expressions
Don't include the quotation marks

Note that the third line will insert a hyphen before any space followed by a decimal digit - so it will misbehave if any of the words in the title start with a number

11/02-20 17:56 - edited 12/02-20 09:14