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#1 : 12/02-20 16:52
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All, I'm new to the software and in the initial stages of learning curve. I have bunch of images that I want to rename in following way -

Original name Updated name
<something_random>.jpg G1_001_front
<something_random>.jpg G1_001_back
<something_random>.jpg G1_002_front
<something_random>.jpg G1_002_back
<something_random>.jpg G1_003_front
<something_random>.jpg G1_003_back

In general naming pattern will be
G1_xxx_yy; where yy will have 2 values, "front" and "back" and xxx will start from 001 and end at 999. All images are already arranged in chronological order.

I'm not able to find a function that will allow me to do this. Any help is appreciated!


12/02-20 16:52
#2 : 12/02-20 18:24
David Lee
David Lee
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Assuming the filenames are already in the correct order in the list, this script will do it:

num = Math.ceil((index + 1) / 2 );
side = (index % 2) ? '_back' : '_front';
return 'G1_' + ("00"+num).slice(-3) + side;

"index" is the position of the filename in the list - starting from zero at the top.

The function Math.ceil(x) rounds x UP to the nearest integer.

"%" is the modulo operator and returns the remainder after division, so "index % 2" will be zero if index is odd and 1 if it is even.

"?" is the conditional operator - syntax: (condition) ? value_if_true : value_if_false

For help on JavaScript Google is your friend - you will probably find hits at are usually most helpful.

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#3 : 13/02-20 21:24
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Reply to #2:
Thank you for the elaborate response and providing working solution! I will go through the reference you have pointed out.


13/02-20 21:24