Copy/Move batch mode: Generate foldernames from parts of the filenames

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#1 : 29/12-12 12:06
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My plan is as follows:

The files:
AAA [CO].bca
AAA [BG].cab
BBBB [CO].bca
BBBB [BG].cab


Should be moved to the folders

I believe that I need a function in the folder-generation syntax to generate foldernames from filenames minus "[XX]". It would be very kind if you could help me out here.

Thanks in advance,


29/12-12 12:06
#2 : 30/12-12 21:09
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Advanced Renamer can help you. But first we have to establish the pattern to use for the folder name. Is it always the first 3 characters? Or is it all the characters up to the first space? Or something different?
Some of the tags that are good to use are <Word>, <SubStr>, and <RSubStr>. But let me know more about the pattern and I will try to help you.

30/12-12 21:09