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#1 : 30/12-12 02:23
Mark L
Mark L
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I would like to suggest a feature for Advanced Renamer that I have seen in some tag-editing software, but not in file a renamer. When you choose 'Capitalize first letter of each word,' I would like to be able to set up a list of exception words that will NOT be capitalized, except if they are the first word in the filename.

Exception List: a, an, and, the, to
the boy and the dog --> The Boy and the Dog
and then they went to the moon --> And Then They Went to the Moon

Preferably, this would be a separate text list that you could save to disk, and re-use whenever you are setting up a new set of renaming rules. It would also be great to have the ability to set up a list of exceptions for lower-case, i.e., these 'words' (often titles or abbreviations) are always ALL CAPS.

Exception List: DJ, MD, FX, LOL
the best song fx ever - jazzy jeff the dj --> The Best Song FX Ever - Jazzy Jeff the DJ
a hundred medical jokes, lol by dean smith, md --> A Hundred Medical Jokes (LOL) by Dean Smith, MD

It is possible to do this using Advanced Renamer as it is, but the only way I can see to do it is to laboriously create dozens of rules, one for each instance of an exception. Then, the next time I have to set up rules for a different situation, I have to do it all over again. It would be a lot quicker, easier, and more intuitive if we could just set a list of 'exception words,' and perhaps have a check box 'use ALL CAPS exception list' and another 'use capitalization exception list,' or something like that.

It might be possible to do something like this using a script, but if so it would be far to advanced and complicated for me to create. Is there any way you might include a feature such as this in a future version of Advanced Renamer?

30/12-12 02:23
#2 : 30/12-12 21:18
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I like your suggestion and I can definitively see a use for it. But it can be difficult to setup. Maybe it is possible to make a new type of uppercase-configuration that uses some kind of online dictionary to choose which words should not be uppercased. The biggest problem with such a solution is the localization. Advanced Renamer is used in many different languages around the world, and this should behave differently in different languages.
Do you remember the names or websites of any of the tag editing programs that already have this functionality?

30/12-12 21:18
#3 : 05/01-13 23:07
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There are already word lists as text files to download.
Google 'word list english'

For implementation, how about first try to add this feature to the 'New Case' rule like:

(o) Set from file: [1000 English Words.txt][Browse...]

Each word in file name will be checked if existent in this txt file
and if yes case changed to the case from the txt file.
If not found the word is skipped.

- - -

And also an another option could be useful:
(o) Upper case first letter in every word
[X] Skip words from file: [1000 English Words.txt][Browse...]

Each word in file name will be checked if existent in this txt file
and if found the word is skipped.
If not found the word is case changed as selected in the case change options.


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05/01-13 23:07
#4 : 09/01-13 18:35
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #3:
Thank you for your input Stefan. I will use it when researching the best way to implement this feature.

09/01-13 18:35