Rename with CSV containing unique identifiers

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#1 : 07/03-20 04:52
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Hey! This may be a stupid question, but I'm trying to batch rename files based off of a CSV file that I made containing student ID's in column 1 and "lastname,firstname" in column 4. When I import the CSV file and run the tool, it renames the files in alphabetical order instead of reading the unique ID's and assigning the student names. Am I missing something here?

ex. State ID_ 1003615662.pdf gets renamed to the right style of "lastname,firstname.pdf" but to another student. Scrolling through the 1800 transcripts, its only assigning the names alphabetically instead of aligning with the State ID_ ######### in column 1.

By the way, the software is amazing and thank you so much for creating this tool!

07/03-20 04:52
#2 : 09/03-20 21:42
Jorge Ducharme
Jorge Ducharme
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Reply to #1:
i imported a csv and used column 1 for the source and column 2 for the renamed file. it's not alphabetical and it is working without issue.

09/03-20 21:42