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#1 : 21/03-20 20:18
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I want to remove all characters after the charater ")" and before the extension .mp3
How can i do that?

(Original Mix)-Nbd.mp3
So i want to remove "-Nbd" = 4 characters

(Original Mix)15zcf8.mp3
So i want to remove "15zcf8" = 6 characters

I know that you can remove the characters by typing each characters apart in replace files, but i have to much files and to much different characters.

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#2 : 22/03-20 14:18
David Lee
David Lee
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You can use the Remove method using search patterns rather than numeric values:

Remove count: ".mp3"
Starting at: ")"
Apply to: Name and extension

Note that you need to include the quotation marks.

Alternatively - more generally - to remove everything after the "(" from the name only and for any file extension:

Remove count: "$"
Starting at: "\)"
Use regular expressions
Apply to: Name

"$" represents "end of line"
")" has a special meaning in a regular expression so has to be "escaped" in order to represent itself. ie as "\)"

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