removing first numbers in a filename

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#1 : 11/03-13 23:44
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love the program, much easier then writing a batch file.
in my digital library there are file-names that begin with random set of numbers.
is this possible to delete them.
here are some examples
7162158 Arguelles Time and the Tech No Sphere V0.pdf
20136839 Natural Way of Farming Masanobu Fukuoka Green Philosophy.pdf
21166506 Psilocybin Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook Easy Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation Nicholas Ogame 0932551718.pdf
22353822 the Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants 1922.pdf
76929190 45256507 the New Seed Starters Handbook.pdf
8564635 Basic Electronics Vol 1 of 2 Us Navy.pdf

some have it at the beginning, some at beginning and end, some double, others have the year of publication in it, or the volume number
the year of publication and volume number should stay

have been looking into remove pattern ^\d:1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8:9:0
but that didn't do the trick

thanks for the hard work.
will donate asap

11/03-13 23:44
#2 : 12/03-13 08:09
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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As I understand it the random number can practically be anywhere in the filename. One of the filenames you list have two random numbers. All the examples you list have long random numbers. Can we assume the numbers are always at least 5 characters long? If yes, you can use this approach:

Remove pattern method:
Pattern: \d{5,}
Use regular expression: checked

You might also want to add a trim method afterwards.

12/03-13 08:09
#3 : 07/07-13 11:07
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Just registered to say thank you so much for posting this!! I've tried on several occasions to strip out randomly generated # numbers from files but I'm always stumped with the manual/help pages.
Your solution works perfectly!
Thanks again!

07/07-13 11:07
#4 : 09/07-13 09:23
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I am glad it worked for you.
I recon that the manual needs more hands on examples. I hope to find some time to create some more how-to examples with step-by-step instructions.

09/07-13 09:23