Error sending data (12175)

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#1 : 19/02-21 16:16
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I'm trying to use but get this error: Error sending data: (12175).

It's some sort of security error message. How to fix?
Firewall rules allow AR to connect and is up at the time of writing.

Edit: I can't check for new updates of AR either :/
I have disabled antvirus & firewall, same errors still...

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#2 : 19/02-21 17:41
David Lee
David Lee
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Looks like the probem is on your system. Both "TV Show Import" and "Check for new version..." work perfectly for me (AR 3.87 64bit, Win 10 pro).

19/02-21 17:41
#3 : 19/02-21 19:09
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Reply to #2:
Thank you for checking and responding.

Hopefully someone can tell me what that code means as that might help me narrow down the issue.
What is strange though is that AR was working just a few days ago and I have no clue what could have changed on my system?

19/02-21 19:09
#4 : 19/02-21 19:25
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I have just tried with an earlier (portable) version of AR and this one is working. I have no clue why newer versions can't connect.
I have checked my firewall again and connections are allowed. Really baffled about this...

19/02-21 19:25
#5 : 25/02-21 18:21
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I'm also having this problem, I can't check for updates, can't update the names of my tv shows using TVMaze and sometimes when I open it (Particularly with MKV and other video files) It says Error: Unable to open advanced renamer but then it loades anyway.
I don't understand this.
At this point, the program always asks me to register, are the 3 issues related?
Thank You.
Melissa Cox.

25/02-21 18:21