Invalid characters for filename using ExifTool-tags

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#1 : 07/04-13 12:27
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I've tried to rename all files (jpg and mp4) in one directory using the tag <ExifTool:CreateDate>.

The output of the ExifTool-tag contains invalid characters for the filename.

The output format of the tag looks like this: 2013:01:07 20:23:01

The character ':' is invalid for usage in a filename.

Is there a chance to use the tag and remove the character ':' out of the string before the AdvancedRenamer tries to rename the file?

The usage of the ExifTool-tags is a great idea but the AdvancedRenamer should filter invalid characters before renaming a file...

Any solution for this?

07/04-13 12:27
#2 : 07/04-13 14:41
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You can add the replace method after the method where you use the exiftool tag, and replace invalid characters with valid ones (like _ or space).

07/04-13 14:41