Advanced renamer detected as a Virus: Microsoft Windows Defender

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#1 : 14/10-21 08:31
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At 2021-10-13, the Microsoft Windows Defender has raised a Threat detection:
Detected: Rogue:Win32/PrivacyCenter
Elements Affected: file:fullpathtoadvancedrenamerportable\arenc.exe

Would you mind check this detection?, I would like think this is just a false-positive....

Version detected as virus: 3.88.1
Architecture: X64
Hash (from RapidCRC Unicode)
CRC: A5E6A906
MD5: 46edc16dbb347e13509eae87e224541c
SHA1: 0aa779b12f5c98db211a005dfa5cdd9eff33f3c8

Checked at virustotal, with a no threat detection results; even the hashes reported by virustotal are the same obtained from RapidCRC Unicode.

14/10-21 08:31
#2 : 14/10-21 09:34
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It is a false positive. Microsoft does this from time to time. Usually I submit a false positive report to Microsoft and they remove it within a day or two. But this time I am not able to reproduce the detection. I checked with Virustotal online tool and with Windows Defender with update 2021-10-14. Please make sure your Windows Defender is up to date. I assume you are using Windows 10 x64.

14/10-21 09:34