Accelerate adding files?

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#1 : 14/04-13 22:20
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It lasts very long until the files are added / analyzed to AR on my system. Is there a way to get it faster?

14/04-13 22:20
#2 : 15/04-13 08:16
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Ha, what a question ;D

But sorry, my crystal bowl is broken last Sunday, so I can't help you ;-)

Seriously, to get a qualified answer you should provide at least a few details to Kim:

Your System:
- Which OS?
- UAC on?
- amount of RAM?
- CPU speed?
- which AntiVirus app

Your workflow:
- quantity of files and sub folders?
- where do this files stay on? On local hard disk? On server/share?
- which Advanced Renamer Version do you use?
- how do you add this files?
- which/how many Methods did you have add?
- when occurs this issue? When you add the files, or when you add methods, or...

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15/04-13 08:16
#3 : 15/04-13 08:25
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Also, what is very important is type of files are added. It the most recent release image files are added faster because the extraction of image metadata is postponed until the information is actually needed. This is not the case for music and video files.
If you add files from a network storage I will expect it to be slow.

15/04-13 08:25
#4 : 15/04-13 09:25
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Thank you, Stefan,

Sorry about your broken crystal bowl last Sunday.

I didn't know the OS and these information would be necessary, sorry.

Thank you, Kim,

Actually I meant, is there anything like an option to enable / disable, e.g. make AR stop analyzing / just adding the files without controlling them or so.

In the last case it were dummy files I added, without content, 0 byte, I just wanted to change the time stamp. May be 1.700 pieces or so.

The files were on an internal hard disk of a Notebook.

When I add files to other renaming programs, it lasts about a fraction of a second or a few seconds, not minutes or 10, 15 minutes. So, when I just want to rename files, it would be could to just can do it without waiting for minutes or longer.

Thanks again.

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#5 : 22/04-13 00:02
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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That sounds very odd. I have no idea why it takes so long time to add files on your computer. On my computer adding 1000 0 byte files takes 1 or 2 seconds. I know the "it's working on my machine" statement isn't helping you much, but I have no clue as to what is taking time on your machine.

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#6 : 25/04-13 23:15
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Well, indeed, that is very strange, 1, 2 seconds, a big difference.

OK, so there is no option to enable / disable, which could cause it.

However, thanks.

25/04-13 23:15
#7 : 23/10-15 13:20
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I came to write about this issue. I have files out on a NAS and there's definitely something in the code which makes AR incredibly slow. Bulk renamer, for example, scanned a folder of 3000+ images in a couple minutes. AR has been analyzing files for over 24 hours.

As I'm a developer, I'd be happy to work with you to resolve the problem...

FYI, my system is a core i7-4770K...cpu is totally idle, the issue is likely either network latency or how files are actually added.

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#8 : 01/12-15 17:12
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For me, loading of the files is ok.
Of course it gets slower if I load from a network but, I would expect that.

As far as Bulk Renamer...How could anyone possibly use that cluttered up mess?
Advanced Renamer has a very clean interface and is very well organized.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth....

01/12-15 17:12