save input/output filenames to excel

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#1 : 26/04-13 17:38
alex depaula
alex depaula
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I love advanced renamer. Is there a way to save the list of input filenames along with the output filenames. I would like to manipulate the filenames in excel and keep the old and new filenames linked. I am trying to extract infomation from the old filenames, that have been sorted aaccording to the new filenames. I selected all the filenames in the batch mode window, but when I tried to copy the names it did not work.

26/04-13 17:38
#2 : 02/05-13 19:48
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Yes, there is a way. Right click the list and select Save List -> To CSV File. This will save the visible columns to a csv file that can be opened with MS Excel. I hope this is the feature you are looking for.

02/05-13 19:48