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#1 : 30/05-13 16:21
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When having a replace ready to run, I'd like to add this to an exisiting preset.

a. How to create a preset
b. How to add various renames to the same preset

So, once I need to rename a number of different files, I only need to select 1 preset and basically all the files are being renamed according to the various presets stored in that 1 'total' preset.

Thank you!

30/05-13 16:21
#2 : 31/05-13 08:36
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To create a preset
(to store the current renaming method list for later reuse)

just click at the "SaveMethod List" arrow-down button on the right side of "Add method".
You are asked for a name and the information is saved with ".aren" extension
as plain text file into the "BatchMethods" sub folder.

To load a preset just click the "Load Method List" botton (with the plus symbol)

- - -

To merge presets

I think there is no GUI version to merge presets (renaming method list)?

But presets are stored as plain text files in the "BatchMethods" sub folder with ".aren" extension.

You can edit them in any text editor as like Notepad.
If you do not know how to open a ".aren" file,
then just change the extension temporarly to ".aren.TXT"

Inside of this files you will find lines starting with "method0000=methodname:"
following with the name of the method and the parameters.

To merge two or more presets just copy those "methodxxxx=" lines into one single preset file.

On my tests the numbering had no effect if they are not in a continuous order,
f.ex. this had worked for me after merged two presets:

method0000=methodname:"renumber"; active:"1"; numbxxxxxx
method0001=methodname:"replace"; active:"1"; replaxxxxxx
method0000=methodname:"move"; active:"1"; movefromxxxxxx
method0001=methodname:"add"; active:"1"; position:xxxxxx
method0002=methodname:"replace"; active:"1"; replaxxxxxx
method0003=methodname:"trim"; active:"1"; charactexxxxxx

Be sure your preset file has the extension ".aren" only after you are done.


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#3 : 02/06-13 11:42
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Hi Stefan,

Sorry for the delay.

THANKS a lot.

I'll give it a try.
I know about the .aren things, but I did not know one could put all the different things together this way.

Maybe a future release of AdvancedRenamer should have something like "Add preset to existing one" (or something like that) and "Edit existing preset".

Anyway, thanks again!


02/06-13 11:42