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#1 : 20/06-13 12:32
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Is it possible to add extended list rename method? I mean something like this:
old_file_name-1 \t new_file_name-11 \r\n
old_file_name-2 \t new_file_name-21 \r\n
old_file_name-2 \t new_file_name-22 \r\n

I think it would be convenient to use table-like rule that allow not only rename files, but copy (duplicate) it too. More this, it can be easier to control which file name should be renamed to something - no need to control sort order of input file list.


P.S. Nice tool. Keep it up!

20/06-13 12:32
#2 : 23/06-13 10:53
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Maybe you can use the CSV import feature. It will load files and their new names from a CSV file. It might be able to configure the importer to use tabular separation instead.

http://www.advancedrenamer.com/user_guide/csvim port

23/06-13 10:53
#3 : 02/07-13 11:21
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Thank you! I'll give it a try.
I've quickly looked through all of the methods but can't find any like "replace A by B". Maybe it's better to rename "Import CSV" to something like "Table rename" or "List replace"?

02/07-13 11:21