Needing some help moving stuff around.

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#1 : 02/07-13 12:30
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Thinking I'm gonna need to dip into the scripting for this, which means I definitely need help! In any case:

An example of the file name:

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!- The Dream Fight - PART 4 - Game Grumps (HD)

What I want it to become:

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - 04 - The Dream Fight

So basically, I want the last bit trimmed off. I want the number made into a 2 digit number and moved up after the title -with a space before the hyphen- and then nothing after the subtitle.

What I've managed to do myself:

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!- The Dream Fight - 04 -

But even that means it'll only work if I use the Remove Pattern for "Game Grumps (HD)", I'd prefer a more general method if possible.

In any case, if I could get any help, that'd be super. I've yet to figure out how to effectively batch rename stuff like that, with this or other tools.

02/07-13 12:30
#2 : 02/07-13 20:09
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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What I would do is to add two Replace Methods and configure them like this:

Replace method #1
Text to be replaced: (.*)-(.*) - (.*) - (.*)
Replace with: \1 - \3 -\2
Use regular expressions: checked

Replace method #2
Text to be replaced: PART (\d+)
Replace with: 0\1
Use regular expressions: checked

I don't know how your other files are named. Any differences in spaces or dashes might need special configuration.

02/07-13 20:09
#3 : 03/07-13 05:23
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There was a double space in there, but I fiddled and got it right.

In any case, thanks a bunch. That's a real time-saver.

03/07-13 05:23