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#1 : 05/11-08 20:39
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I've just started using Advanced Renamer, and I already like it. Once the basic procedure for using the program is understood, it has an intuitive interface.

Is there a way to move the files while renaming them? For instance, I want to group the files into subdirectories (such as "2008" or "2007") based on the "Date Created" or "Image Date" information.

I've tried the "Add" and "New Name" methods with "<Year Created>\<Month Created> - ", but in both cases I get an error that "\ is not supported in filenames".

If there isn't a way to move files, can it be please be added (as either another method or allowing "\" in the new filename).

Thanks for the great product!

05/11-08 20:39
#2 : 09/01-09 23:12
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Is there any info on moving-files-while-renaming? I haven't seen or heard anything.


09/01-09 23:12
#3 : 11/01-09 15:16
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Unfortunately there is no way to move files with Advanced Renamer yet. It might be added at some point in time, but not in the near future.

Sorry for the late reply.

11/01-09 15:16