Newbie help request...identify files for renaming by image dimensions

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#1 : 23/08-13 04:07
David Tynes
David Tynes
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I am excited by AdvancedRenamer as I think it may be just the ticket for me to use for parsing through about 32GB of content and renaming and moving specific files to a new location.

I have some very large images that I would like to be able to recognize via EXIF data for image width of 28800 pixels. I would like to take those images that it finds meeting that criteria and rename the images using the path information where those images are actually located which currently looks something like this:


In the location where the images reside are sometimes multiple .jpg image files named 1.jpg, 2.jpg and so on. I am looking to locate all of these images and then rename them to this:


The $ would be the information from the file path so a typical filename might look like this:

Original Path: X:\[container_name]\1\1\L\1.jpg ----- Extracted/renamed file: container_name_C1_V1_L_F1.jpg
Original Path: X:\[container_name]\1\1\L\2.jpg ----- Extracted/renamed file: container_name_C1_V1_L_F2.jpg
Original Path: X:\[container_name]\1\1\R\1.jpg ----- Extracted/renamed file: container_name_C1_V1_R_F1.jpg
Original Path: X:\[container_name]\1\1\R\2.jpg ----- Extracted/renamed file: container_name_C1_V1_R_F2.jpg

I am not sure if that is completely clear but I am interested in the best strategy for identifying these files and then moving/renaming using path data.

Thanks for any tips or insight into how to utilize the AdvancedRenamer application for this task.


23/08-13 04:07
#2 : 23/08-13 07:03
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer cannot perform a search for you. If you don't know which of the many files should be renamed you will need to use another tool for that. But I think a regular Windows Explorer can help search out the files with a specific width and height. When found you can open Advanced Renamer and drag and drop the files onto the program.
You can rename the files by using the New Name method with a pattern like this (have not tested it):

Remember to set apply to to Name.

If the files also have to be moved you can use the batch mode so change the destination folder.

Related user guide pages: d_newname default

23/08-13 07:03
#3 : 24/08-13 19:42
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Not going into scripting and working with regular expressions (I'm no master) maybe you can do this in Advanced renamerI'm no regular expression master but maybe you can use advanced renamer to find the images with that width in a multistep process.

My logic:
step1: First put all images through advanced renamer and rename them to add the width in between some specific characters like xx<Img Width>xx.

step2: You would then user windows explorer or other file indexer software (I use a great one but don't know if I can say its name in this forum) to find the files containing xx28800xx and rename/move them where you need.

step3: After this you would put all files through advanced renamer and using regular expressions you would replace "xx.*xx" with "nothing (empty).

Hope it helps :)

24/08-13 19:42