Rename by EXIF, if not exist, then by file create date

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#1 : 08/09-13 19:47
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I would like a feature (or if someone can explain how) to rename files first by the image's date taken, if missing, use the file's date created. Either OR logic, or precedence logic.

I tried renaming by precedence: file create date first, then EXIF. AdvancedRenamer will overwrite the file create date with the empty EXIF date.

Additionally, if the EXIF data is missing, I would prefer the option of skipping the data instead of overwriting with empty values.

I have some old image files that do not have EXIF information, some are not JPEG (I have some PNG), and some are movies I recorded with my camera.


08/09-13 19:47
#2 : 10/09-13 19:03
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1) Add a "Date Taken" column (right click at the columns header)
2) Sort by that column
3) rename the one with date first
4) then rename the one without a date


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