Wrong Date Taken

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#1 : 09/09-13 07:26
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For image files (jpeg), the Date Taken column is not accurate. Windows Explorer displays the correct Date Taken information.

I expect AdvanedRenamer to use the same information that is displayed in Windows Explorer.

It appears AdvancedRenamer uses the EXIF Image Modify Date, not the Photo Date/Time Original or Create Date.

This problem doesn't happen with all files from the same camera.

Windows 7
AdvancedRenamer v 3.60
Canon S100

09/09-13 07:26
#2 : 09/09-13 15:20
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
In the settings windows you can change which field Advanced Renamer should use for its image date and time functionality. Windows Explorers way of displaying the value is subject to some kind of logic which I have not figured out yet.

09/09-13 15:20