[REQUEST] script to add file version to filename

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#1 : 14/09-13 19:30
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Is there a script to add file version to filename?

eg : wama.exe has a file version of 4.1 can be ==> wama4.1.exe

14/09-13 19:30
#2 : 15/09-13 11:13
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Try to add the New Name method and use this pattern:

For exe-files several fields can be used for version numbers. You might need to play around with it to find the correct field. Add the file to Advanced Renamer, select it and click ExifTool in the Information box in the bottom. In this window you can see the values of the available fields. When you find the correct field, select it and click copy. Now you can paste the tag name into a method, like the New Name method.

15/09-13 11:13