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#1 : 19/09-13 18:34
New User
New User
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I downloaded express_installer.exe. I ran it and I declined the toolbar tools and browsers add-ons. I don't think Advanced Renamer actually got installed, at least I can't find it. A friend suggested that I try it and I don't want browser safeguard and all that other stuff on my corporate laptop. Is there something during the install that I should have accepted? Is the program called advancedrenamer.exe?

19/09-13 18:34
#2 : 20/09-13 08:42
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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As I wrote to you in an email, you have downloaded an installer from a corrupt source. The official Advanced Renamer installer and portable package is always malware and spyware free! I am very much against bundling software with other software and I absolutely hate browser toolbars. I get contacted very often by those bundling companies but I always reject all their offers.

20/09-13 08:42